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[edit] P2PMoney

info:This page is designed to coordinate efforts of people interested in developing a tool so that groups of individuals can jointly manage money they decide to pool together.

We are trying to combine the needs and interests of BarCampBank to create a tool to jointly manage pooled money, with the needs and interests of Open Business Models wiki hive, which is looking to create a Revenue Sharing money manegement tool, and can also use an open source based money pooling tool. This was originally described in CoDevProposal.

[edit] Requirements

A pooled payment system would:

  1. Offer a place where pledges for money can be stored and easily committed
  2. Offer a way for the group to define different future expenses, vote for prioritization and approval.
  3. Offer a way to make direct payment to the vendor for large payments and especially micropayments (to integrate the 200 million kids of the OLPC project and beyond).
  4. Offer a way to enter, track, approve past expenses incurred by different participants or consolidate and re-assign shares of a common revenue.
  5. Offer a way to transfer cash from one or several of the participant to one or several other participants, either for reimbursing past expenses or for distributing earned revenues

A Revenue sharing module for this system would:

  1. work flexibly with Project Point systems, wherein points earned represent shares of revenue.
  2. Allow direct mass payment to project participants from vendor/reseller sources, like Cafepress, for instance, and also would accept payment from hosted ecommerce sites/shopping carts. Also would distribute money from bank accounts, paypal.
  3. Would also allow projects to divide revenue using pre-assigned percentage shares instead of project points, if they choose to do so.
  4. Would allow projects that use point systems to have a "what if system" showing a projected revenue earned based on tasks done and points earned and current total incoming revenue.
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